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Your chance to get a custom wig.

About Us

Hello, I am Tiahna, Owner of Opulent Allure By Tiahna LLC

We are luxurious online store that has continually featured a variety of high-quality and affordable hair products since day one. We provide an unparalleled selection of quality products, an easy shopping experience, expedited shipping offers, and exceptional customer service.

Who would not want to own their own business? A successful business that’s spinning that cash?💥 Well that was my aim. I have a vision and passion for beauty and as the popular Jamaican quote said “yu betta tun yu hand and mek fashion”. 

While serving in the US Army, I was not privy to rocking colored hair, flawless makeup and dramatic lashes to work. I always wondered what it would be like going all out glam everyday while at work. i started purchasing lace units and every weekend I would spazz myself out with hair and makeup. This is where my passion for beauty escalated. I decided to start my own beauty line, “Opulent Allure By Tiahna”. Here you can purchase your lace units (custom made), hair care products and many more inventory to arrive. I wanted to give her beauties value for their money. I wanted to assure her clients that affordability can go a far away! Look out for new and exciting products

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